MAIA Strategy & Behavioral Economics

MAIA is powered by

Courage, Curiosity & Creativity

We at Maia are fueled by courage, curiosity and creativity. Together they form the foundation of our core values and our philosophy

Our purpose

Maia refers to the invisible hand that animates the world as our senses perceive it. It is the driving force that helps bridge the gap between meaning and purpose. For our enterprise, the driving force is bravery and we want to use it to depart from the dogmas and conventions of our time. 


Our industry is plagued by analysts who prescribe a broad range of solutions at the first sign of struggle. They are forced to, because they make money off these products and services. 


Be it strategy consulting or building digital marketing strategies, the deal is clear as day. Your partner provides 75% of the acceptable quality at 50% of the price. And it’s good enough. Have you ever wondered what you forfeit for this? 


You forfeit, critical thinking and a commitment to your business. You forfeit a true strategist, in your corner, owning the mistakes and building for future success. This is why we don’t sell specific products or services. Because unlike our peers, we are diagnostic, not prescriptive. 


We make it a point to understand what is wrong for you and then solve accordingly. 


During an undertaking so bold, you can’t always succeed. You can’t always know what is right beforehand. And it takes bravery and confidence in our capabilities, to say that we don’t have the answers, but we will find them for you.


Through our diligence and severe aversion to bullshit, we are the partners that you forge long term relationships with, not the software company that charges your credit card every month. 


We are Maia and we are simply here to solve your problems.