A strategy consulting firm

that optimises your business

to yield the highest rate of return

Our clients rely on us to meet the challenges of tomorrow through

research, analytics,  behavioural economics and meaningful collaboration

who are we?

We are a behavioral design firm that puts people back into focus. We are analysts that believe that sound solutions must account for the nuances of human behaviors.

what we do?

As your advisors, we do not leave things to chance. Instead, we understand customer behavior and combine it with analytics to help you see through the clutter and achieve your business goals.

who are we?

We distill real problems and uncover the finer details through research and proprietary behavioral models. Our strategies are built to be sustainable and achieve your company's vision.

Behavioural Economics

Our Services

Optimise your business with global CRO

Why you need Global CRO

Global CRO uncovers new opportunities within your existing capabilities. By making each of your channels work together, instead of against each other, we can isolate where the greatest return on investment is possible.

Our Portfolio

Case Studies

Behavioral economics, brand identity or social psychology, we have something for everyone


They understand the customers we are trying to target, they know our brand values and vision, based on that they gave us valuable suggestions which helped us to setup our website. We had two back to back projects with them, their presentation is self explanatory and very creative. They surely know what the client needs.

Kamini Gosaine
HairDrama Co.


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